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Jollijam Arts Center



It all started with having the dream on how to enrich lives better, to hone skills, and to develop talents. The children needs good supplemental exploration classes to be able to identify what is out there to inculcate in their lives;  the teens looking for skills to be developed and there are adults needing outlets as well as classes they have been wanting to take but have never taken due to lack of opportunity when they were younger. And there are these group of kids who just got too absorbed with gadgets and we find that there's a  need to help them see that there are traditional skills and talents that they can gain to help them improve their creativity and life skills.


We are carrying with us the love for teaching, admiration for good characters and artists, and the importance of Art education in our lives. These strong emotional desire have been dangling in and out of the our minds since the 90's. We were just so happy that an opportunity presented itself and helped us to start bringing talented people together in the year 2009.  The Center was formed that year and became known as Jollijam Arts Center. Jollijam basically was derived from Jolly and Jamming, all because we wanted the environment to be fun, educational and interactive. So come, learn and jam with us! 


We offer classes for kids, teens and adults starting from 3.5 years old. Classes include various type of Art, Music, Dance & Fitness, Language, Martial arts. We aim to consistently improve ourselves since there's always so much to learn, teach and give back. Some of our major events and programs includes Annual National Art Exhibit, Annual National and International Art competition, Annual dance and music recitals. It's all part of the continous program to better ourselves and our students.


And so, our team shall be looking forward to see you at Jollijam soon! :)




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