We choose the best possible partners who focuses on each category for us to provide you the best services:







These classes are for us who wanted to excercise in a fun way while fostering a talent.

These classes are for us who loves dancing.

These classes are for those who are seriously interested.

These classes are for us who never tried dancing and have been dreaming to learn since we were kids.

These classes are for us who can't dance but still dance like no one's watching.


Let's learn some DANCE moves, get fit and have fun!

Annual recital happens every year!


Dance and Fitness classes are for kids & adults:


Kids classes:

Hip Hop

Belly Dance

Ballet kids

Pole Fit

Aerial Silk

and more!


Adult classes:


Pole Dance

Exotic Pole

Aerial Silk





Belly dance

and more!

If you have any preferred classes that is not on the list, do give us a shout out and we will find a way to bring the class in for you. 

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