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Global Art Creative Learning Methodology was established in 1999 in Malaysia with the objective to enhance children's learning disciplines so they will instill creativity in their everyday lives.

Through the variety of our programs, the students learn, grow and develop in a creative and conducive environment. The syllabus is designed for learners to experience education in a holistic manner.

The creative programs are implemented around the world using the same source of teaching and learning concepts.

Global Art lives on the beliefs that creativity leads to innovations and by inculcating good learning disciplines, learners will create solutions to their everyday challenges and elevate their thinking abilities and resourcefulness.

Why Study Art?

Art education provides a means to many educational ends. It is a way for children to experience education (learning disciplines) in a positive and creative manner; it also allows children to foster a talent.

The ability to communicate or to conceptualize our ideas, thoughts or proposals through visual form is an advantage in any working environment.

Creating art is relaxing and rewarding as it helps us to boost our self-esteem, confidence and self worth, turning us into creative and resourceful individuals, all of these contributions make art education an extremely valuable subject.

Global Art aims to form our students:

We provide children with the opportunity to cultivate and improve their creative expression and conceptualization, self-discovery and self-esteem. Each completed work of art creates a sense of achievement for the child who accomplished it.

Art sparks connections in brain structures which helps to stimulate memory and understanding, especially because it engages the whole brain and triggers strong emotional associations. 

Involving children in art activities help train and develop their small muscles, hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Also, with kids being overloaded with schoolwork and competition with peers, we offer them a way to relieve stress and channel their energy into productive activities.




An International art program for kids and adults avaiable in 15 countires worldwide

(USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines,

Hongkong, China, India, Myanmar, Sri Langka, Vietnman)


For 3.5 years old to adults


Creative Arts and Crafts

Acrylic Painting



Glass Painting

Clay program

and more!


We offer FREE TRIAL and assess the student's level at the same time.  Appropriate level will be assigned after assessment. Good foundation is a very important part in the learning process, with this in mind, we would like to impart the right sequence of development to our students as they progress. A curriculum is heavily used in our system yet each student has a personalized approach. It all depends on what he currently knows, his skill level and how he progresses. Part of our development includes Annual National and International Competition. 

We believe in having a concrete learning structure for us to have a wider application of abilities. Our focus are both mental creative growth as well as motor/hand skills. The need for students to acquire a mindset of thinking out of the box and gaining good foresight and visualization is always a goal. This is why it's best to start early, but of course, no one is ever too old to learn art.

At Global Art, classes are interactive, fun and educational. Call us for a free trial and assessment! We are open from Tuesday to Saturday. Mondays available during April and May of the year.

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Global Art International Art Program

We are ready for you!

someone is excited for class 💕 💕 💕

Our 4 year old are starting to build their writing muscles and developing their art skills! Good Job Evie!

ONLINE LEARNING all the way from USA

learning about colors and color combination at 4 years old 👍

great work!

These Acrylic painting works bring so much creativity and so much peace at the same time, don't you think? 💕

this scene is is cool!

The ART WALL is ❤️

We are guessing someone is hungry for 🍕 yum!

We are progressing! working with dry medium and exposing the kids to different styles and techniques.

who loves turtles? 🐢

Our 14 year old Jenie's art collection with us 😊

Some students are really more serious than others in class. Love them all! :)

Solenn Heussaff in the house 😃

Learning art styles: POINTILLISM

Acrylic on canvass

Learning art heightens your visualisation, straightens your creativity, develop your talent and skills.

2016 Global Art National Exhibit

2015 Christmas Exhibit Christmas Carnival a time travel exhibit Dec 12, 2015

Christine Jacob and her kids at Global Art

Preparing for 2015 Christmas exhibit

Kim Atienza's kids at Global Art

watercolour on paper

Some artworks of 2015 Christmas Exhibit Christmas Carnival a time travel exhibit Dec 12, 2015

Shoe painting craftwork :) very creative and dated!

Such artistic students. We just need to give them the motivation and tools!

2015 Global Art Christmas party! We had such fun and funny moments!

so happy with this kid! He is so mature for his age. :)

learning some art styles: Realism and Pointilism :)


Color pencil on paper. Good job Gaby!!!

One of our most enthusiastic student ever. She just lit up the whole center whenever she's around! :) Keep it up Joemma! :D

" A world is but a canvass to the imagination"

Poster Color on Paper

2015 Global Art Annual Exhibit SM Aura, SMX May 24, 2015 Sunday

Acrylic painting :)

Sketching, poster color, water colour, illustration

Acrylic painting on canvass. Great work!

You have improved so much tim :) we are so proud of you.

Supportive family on Adrianna's Global Art exhibit day! May 24, 2015

Sketching class at Global Art Makati

You can see the difference in the personality :) all came together for the love of art :)

Oil pastel and colour pencil on paper

Acrylic Painting on canvass

Water colour and colour pencil on paper

Global Art for kids and adults

Acrylic painting on canvass

Self portrait acrylic painting on canvass

It is always so great when the students are so attentive :)

Super Good job for first art work :) Learned composition drawing and rendering :D

Given a subject of a dolphin for inspiration and the work turned out quite imaginative :)

Awesome :)

we always start with a given subject as challenge to our students. The subject for this one is a simple apple and the story materialised like this: Apple and pear were debating on who is sweeter. The wise watermelon said he will taste them to be sure :) and the apple was announced to be much sweeter! :) The artwork is the illustration of the story. The actual process is not as easy as it looks. :) But the outcome looks really good and funny specially when you know the story behind :)

One of our super funny student :)

Certificate of participation and winners of 2014 Global art Annual Competition.

Creating one of her masterpieces in class. Acrylic on canvass :)

After class doodling :D

It took her 10 minutes to decide where to sign her name :) It seems to be a very hard decision :) so proud of you gabs! :)

Oil pastel on canvass :) Good job!

Doing well there :)

Our students in foundation level :)

Acrylic painting on canvass :)

These kids are definitely progressing a lot :) Proud of them :)

Welcome new student! :) <3

Water color & color pencil on paper

We are looking forward to build your skills!

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