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We are affiliated with International Applied Wing Chun Federation (IAWCF)

Have you watched YIP MAN the movie? It's all about Wing Chun Kung Fu. 


A letter from Duncan Leung ( copy of letter can be seen below):



June 6, 2014


To Whom May It Concern:


My name is Duncan Shiu Hung LEung, formal disciple of the late Grandmaster Yip Man. I am the Chairman of the International Applied Wing Chun Federation.


My background in Wing Chun spans 6 decades. I have travelled the world helping to promote Wing Chun the unique way it was passed to me by my SiFu.


I have taught military and law enforcement agencies such as Navy Seals, United States FBI, SWAT teams ad various Police Institutions.


I would like to state that the only organisation I have authorized to represent Applied Wing Chun throughout the world is the International Applied Applied Wing Chun Federation (IAWCF). This letter seeks to clarify the persons that have my personal permission to carry out the mission of promoting and preserving our late Grandmaster Yip Man's Wing Chun Kung Fu principles, curriculum, and training methods, as passed on to me.


Anyone whol claims to be an authorized founding member of representative of the IAWCF that is not listed below is not making truthful claim.


Founding Members ( in alphabetical order):


Henry Araneda

Christof Blatter

Stephen Falkner

Michael Goode

Wayne Goss

Jeno Lakatos

Darren Leung

Ma Man Nam

Bardia Mocharee

Donald Presto

Uwe Regenold

Joel Rivera

Larry Saccoia

Franz Schmutz ( Honorary)

Josh Shaw

Yuri Timg

Florian Walter


The person listed below were chosen by me to become the Applied Wing Chun Technical Committee, responsible for examining and certifying members throughout the world.


Technical Committee Members (In alphabetical order):


Henry Araneda

Stephen Falkner

Darren Leung

Donald Presto

Larry Saccoia

Florian Walter





Duncan Leung

Chairman, IAWCF




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